Aran Cave

Seeking for a different feat and thrill why don’t you try the adrenaline rush of ARAN CAVE at Camp 3, Tuba, Benguet! It would take less than an hour from Baguio City nonetheless depends on the traffic. Aran derives from the Ebaloy word which means “Giant”. According to our guide, Kuya Junie, the cave was founded during American era in the late 1990’s.

The story goes on when Americans are constructing the Kennon road and they are being alarmed that each day one person is always missing. As per belief, the locals are saying that the giants which they called ‘Aran’ capture the missing poeple and conceal them somewhere where no one can escape. One day, a local found a cave nearby and they perceive that it has a large entrance wherein an Aran can fit in yet until now still lies the mystery where the missing people are. Tragedy approach when 1990’s earthquake in Cordillera region set it place and the cave’s big space became narrow. The local people want a name for the cave as the time passed by and they based it on the Aran creatures. That’s how the cave got its name!

Ascending to Aran cave would take less than 10 minutes stroll from the initial point. However, traversing inside will take 2 to 3 hours so enjoy the adrenaline rush and enjoy the chilly aura. One must be hasten enough to move in every pace of the pave way.

Moreover, regarding about the transportation I wouldn’t advise to ride in a van because it’s expensive however it’s faster. Instead of paying 65 pesos in a van going to La Union, you could just wait for the jeep and pay only 35 pesos. ^_^ Just saying! Sadly, van going to rosario station at the Harisson road, Baguio City don’t know where to stop at the Aran Cave. In spite of that it did have a GREEN tiny signage which is unbearable to read. 😦

Thankfully that my cousin notice where to stop. From the main highway of Kennon road, you have to stop near a house and there’s another lane going down at the registration base.

Furthermore, for registration you have to pay 165.00 pesos which includes guide fee, head flashlight and the shower area. They have a parking lot below so don’t worry if you have your own car. Beside Aran is the Bued river which will ascend going to numerous scenic sites like Bridal Veil Falls, Colorado Falls and Twin Peaks. How exciting is that right?! 😀

Nevertheless, you can add this on your journey though it needs to hire a jeep. Before going to the cave please help me find the 3 hyper monkeys on the image below LOL !!!

Go look for them.


The adventure starts here we had to pass a hanging bridge about 10 meters long (not exact measure though), then a lot of stones near the river which is a normal thing, third we came across a group of keen grass that could pierce and finally a huge rocks to conquer. Could you imagine that! 😉 Saan ka pa?! ^_^ #thrill #stroll

stones on the way…..
tall grass WHAT!!!
After the hanging bridge
Gigantic stones ^_^

A lot of obstacles to enjoy yet that’s only the trekking !!! There’s a bit of orientation given by Kuya Junie before commencing at the mouth of Aran cave. Remember to strictly follow all the instruction and regulations. This expedition needs a lot of focus (mentally), strength (physically) and  courage (emotionally).

Now I’ll show the entrance where invaders need to crawl and fit yourself into. If possible don’t wear white t-shirt because you will get muddy. I have an image of Kuya Junie advising us a little glimpse inside Aran, in addition he discussed about what to do and what to expect inside. 🙂

Just like Sumaguing cave at Sagada, almost similar with the stalactites and stalagmites around. However, the trek inside resembles at Longog cave in my hometown Kapangan, Benguet. It’s not huge as others but great enough to be amaze and have thrill.

Here are some snapshots inside. The first three pictures shows that one should squeeze her/himself going down seriously because that’s the only way inside. I’m not kidding because it’s the first step only! How astonishing! I’m loving this! ❤

Then let’s take a tour all over. This activity needs to crawl, rappel and swim. Be careful on every step or where you put your hands since the rocks formation inside is too sharp and pointed.

REMEMBER: Inside better wear long shirts and pants to avoid cuts and injuries if possible. You didn’t go there to show your legs but to experience the thrill. Be cautious enough po. ^_^

Falls 1
Lets swim!
Falls 2


Journey of stones same as Mt Ulap ^_^

Travel buddies (from left me, Geraldine, Jennifer, Grey and Shandle) ❤ ❤ ❤


– until the next adventure again –





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